Front marker lights don’t work

My 67 XR7’s front running/signal lights don’t work when my headlights are turned on. The turn signals work fine when activated but when I turn on the parking lights or headlights they don’t work. My rear lights work ok, no issues in the back. I’ve changed the light switch and the signal switch in the column. All the fuses are ok as well. I forgot to mention the front lights are reproductions fro WCCC. (Brand new) everything else works as it should. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

It’s been a while since I owned a 68, but I don’t think the parking/running lights stayed on with the headlights.

What’s the owners manual say?

I believe that is the way they work from the factory. It’s been a while since I drove my 67 XR7 but the front parking lights do go off when the headlights are on. I guess they are truly parking lights.


Prior to 1970 federal law did not allow the parking lights to be on when the headlights were on. The 1970 cougar is the first year where the parking lights and headlights light together with the headlights on.


My interpretation of the original post is that the turn signals up front don’t work when the headlight switch is on Parking Lights or Headlights. Am I mis-reading his post?

I agree: parking lights on with first headlight switch detent, running lights on rear go on; second detent: headlights, running lights on, but no parking lights.

The reproduction front lamps are wired for 1965 - 1966 Mustang. They don’t work in a Cougar although the plugs plug in like they should.

Hi, thanks for the quick responses. Let me be a little more clear as to what’s happening. First I’m a little confused as to the difference between a “parking light” and a “running light” my front amber signal lights only work as signal lights. Other than that, they never come on. I realize they don’t come on with the headlights but shouldn’t they come on with the “first” pull of the light switch? They work fine as signals in any mode of the light switch.

They should come on with 1st pull. Have no idea why they aren’t for you. :think:

Because they are wired wrong.

Possibly the issue depending on which version. WCCC does have a cougar specific set now.

But yes if you have the mustang version they are going to be wired incorrectly for the cougar functions.

For 1970 (with the rectangular, not the round housings), the front parking/turn signal assemblies used a clear lens with the 1157A amber bulb. This bulb has two contacts on the base connected to two separate filaments in the bulb. The dimmer filament for parking lights was powered when the headlight switch was pulled out to the first position (parking lights) and also to the second position (headlights). The brighter filament flashed on and off for turn signals. There should be three wires to the assembly: parking lights (steady dim), turn signals (flashing bright), and ground.

Edit - Sorry, saw the 1970 post and I got off topic from 1967

The set I got was wired for a Mustang despite the white lenses and orange bulbs. Easy to swap in the original reflectors and wire harnesses to fix in my case. Just a matter of restoring those parts, drilling out the rivets and epoxying the parts together.