Fuel Gauge Calibration the Easy Way

I just stumbled across this: http://www.technoversions.com/MeterMatchHome.html?

If it works as good as it claims, this would sure beat pulling the sender out to make adjustments. For $60 it seems like a great deal. I might pull the trigger and buy one. I’ve managed to get my low end readings fairly accurate, but my fuel gauge still won’t read further than 3/4 full even with fuel spilling out the filler tube. My only question about it is will it play nicely with Bob’s ELFI?

That does look interesting…
If you install one, let us know how well it works and if it plays nice with the ELFI. I’ll be watching for it.

Almost every Ford constant voltage regulators have a design feature that allows you to also set the gauges correctly. Usually on the back side is a small trim pot with a post that can be turned. Often it is potted in epoxy that can be broken off. Simply turn the post until your gauge reads correct. I do this with a quarter tank of gas, figuring this is the most important set-point.

The way I read it one box controls one gauge. They should have one that will allow you to adjust more than one gauge.

I know it has been a while, but, did anyone ever do this? My fuel gauge only reads 3/4 when I have gas coming out of the filer tube also.

This is a cool idea for hot rods where the gauge and sender don’t match at all.

I have a vested interest here so keep that in mind.

Start with the gauge tester $30. It will test fuel, temperature, and oil pressure gauges and verify that you have power from the instrument voltage regulator. If your gauge reads correctly (70 to 75% of the time) then the problem is your sender. Fuel senders can be rebuilt and calibrated and then they will be more accurate than new when used with a proven gauge. Fuel senders almost always read low after many years.


If all of your gauges are high or low then you need to adjust the Instrument voltage regulator. You can use the Gauge tester to do that to.

If the gauge is off, then Rocketman’s Classic Cougar Innovations can calibrate it for $15 or less.


Or you can get a replacement gauge from WCCC that has been tested.