Fuel Sender

Does anyone know who might manufacture a RELIABLE fuel sending unit for a 1968 Cougar XR7 WITH low fuel warning light?

I’ve heard it’s really hard to get a relieble low fuel sender. Hopefully I’m wrong

You can buy the thermister and replace it on your existing sender for low fuel warning. Mustang senders will make your fuel gauge read incorrectly. Have not heard of anyone making the correct resister section for a 68 (but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t)

No, and I don’t know why this is because the Thunderbird folks have a good reasonably priced sender unit with low fuel available from any T Bird part supplier.

In any case, you can buy the T Bird sender and swap the important parts (thermistor, sending unit, filter sock, and float) to rebuild your original cheaply. Click here to see the T Bird unit that you need to buy:


Wow, that’s pretty reasonable. I wonder what it would take to get them to start making one for the XR-7’s?

It should be a matter of Bill Basore or Don asking the Chinese to do it. They have all the stuff they need.


Do you know if the sender unit is correct for Cougar gauge. The repro Mustang one doesn’t read correctly on the three gauges I have tested. Mustang one goes full ok then drops to the empty mark (before the red area) when the tank is half full

We have commissioned all four versions (67-8, 69, 70 and 71-3) to be reproduced in stainless and the prototypes were sent back for minor revisions in August. We hope to see the first shipment soon but I would prefer not to give a solid date as they never come in when we think. For now you will have to hit the “notify me” button on our site.

Here is the link for the soon to be available 67-8 version.

Here the link for the soon to be available 1969 version.

Here the link for the soon to be available 1970 version.

Here is the link for the 71-73 version which is in stock now.

Leon that would be a minor bending of the wire that holds the float. I don’t use the reproduction sender without comparing it to an original and tweaking it to match exactly. Electrically the variable resistor (rheostat) is identical in the repros.

That is awesome news Don!

Don, your catalog listing for 69-70 senders say they are for a 16-gallon tank. Fuel capacity for these is 20 gallons, 22 for a 70 without the evaporative emissions stuff.

Yes, I will get them dialed in. My data input guy misses stuff from time to time. Good eye!

If it shows empty when the tank is half full wouldn’t it only show half when the tank is full? Mustang repro senders were tested out of the car

I have a 22-gallon 70 tank in my 69, using the 69 (20-gal) sender. The gauge stays on FULL for a long time…

You must have got a bad one if that is the case. The Mustang repro senders are of course the same as standard Cougar senders, and the reproductions are just as good as the originals from my experience. Good product, I think Scott Drake is the only source.

No, there are at least 2 suppliers for the single prong sending unit, ACP being one of them and I believe carpenter being the other and yes Drake does repackage. We get a lot of returns on repro sending units, less now than years past but they still are not as good of quality as FoMoCo units.

I had a similar experience with fuel senders on my 1968 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang. After installing two repro senders, both of which would read half full when the tank was full (one of which was a Scott Drake), I finally bought an NOS Ford original which of course worked perfectly. These were the single stud units as that car did not have the low fuel warning option. I have high hopes for your low fuel warning repro unit Don. Thanks for all you do.

They are now in stock!


Ordered mine yesterday with the low fuel warning. Looking forward to having everything back to normal.


It is great that WCCC has gotten quality repro’s (better than OEM actually with stainless construction). A Cougar reproduction product that is long overdue.

I want to mention however that “back to normal” for this sub-system means annoying flashing of the LF lamp at the low fuel threshold. Only the Electronic Low Fuel Indicator (ELFI) kit corrects this condition with significant hysteresis at threshold, effectively eliminating flashing. With the ELFI, the LF condition must exist for ~1 minute before the LF lamp will be illuminated. Similarly, the lamp will not go out until the LF condition is no longer present for ~1 minute (ie. more fuel is put into the tank).

Unlimited technical support is also provided with the purchase of an ELFI kit.

Disclosure: I am the designer, manufacturer and seller of the ELFI kits. WCCC and NPD also sell them (but I have the best deal on them!).

Thanks WCCC for all you do for the Cougar owner, we appreciate it!