Fuse box Diagram

Hello everyone. I am new to the classic cougar and am very excited to own one and be part of putting it back together. I have a 1970 xr7 with the 2 barrel 351 and leather interior and just needs to be put back together. Luckily it came with lots of extras. One problem I am having is finding a fuse box diagram for it. It seems to be missing one or two fuses and I need to know what they go to and what fuse they need. I am having small problems like the passenger side brake lights wont come on but the driver side ones come on but the far left one is dimmer then the right one. I heard that might be a problem with the sequential box but not quiet sure. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Welcome and congrats on the Cougar purchase. You can purchase the wiring manual for your car here.



Welcome aboard. Remember this is the internet, pictures or it didn’t happen. :smiley:

Here is the album for my project. I hope the link works.

I believe that the 69 and 70 are the same. Here’s the fuse layout from the 1969 Shop Service Manual:


Thank you. That helps alot. Now when I put on my brake lights only the driver side ones come on but when I turn on my lights both sides come on but the passenger side is really dim. Any ideas? It is running and driving great. It handles a lot better then I thought it would. Another thing when I turn on the hazards the driver side is the only one that works then too.

Good luck, an excellent site for troubleshooting the turn signal and brake lights is Vic Yarberry’s. For a 1970 not all of the fuse positions need to have fuses in them.

Thanks for the site. I hate to keep asking all these questions and this one might be dumb but I cant find the flasher can. I know it is under the dash but I cant seem to find it. Maybe mine just doesn’t have one and that’s why I am having a hard time. There is also a white box looking thing with two prongs on it and one black wire coming out the back of it. It looks like it is needed to be bolted up to be grounded but there is nothing on it. I would take a picture of it but it is raining.