G - Force Cougar : ANY INFO / Update

As a newbie , I just read ( org. 6/2008 & 7/ 2012 ) about the incredible custom made “G - Force” 68 Cougar that " Rocket " painstaking made .
I saw a reference to his custom parts MAYBE , being available as retail items . But I can’t seem to find any other info . on them .

So any / all help , would be greatly appreciated ! <<<

Not much info to share. Rocket had items for sale on his site but the late time I checked it was “under construction”. I know a second G-Force Cougar was made. A black standard Cougar with a Paxton supercharger. I forget where I saw the pictures.

Here is a link to another G Force Cougar. I’m not sure how old the site is but it might be a starting point for you.

Don Rush at WCCC
had some of those G force parts. When I was there in August, I saw several of the hoods with the molded hood scoop.

Yep, we just got them listed on the website. There’s a version with a steel structure from an original hood, and a version with a molded fiberglass structure. They are a bit pricey but very well made.

Considering what you pay for pieces of chrome or trim items I think the price is great. How is the fitment on the fiberglass compared to original Shelby parts for comparison?
Really just compared to stock? What is the height of the scoop?

Anyone have better luck ?
I can’t get into http://www.gforcecougar.com web site ?

Was the G-Force hood scoop larger ? Or just a very nice Scoop / hood combo after market part ?
Anyone doing a larger “G” scoop ? ??? Price ??? Size ???

Bob the scoop sits higher than the XR7-G scoop and the G-Force hood and scoop is functional where the XR-7G scoop was not.