G-Force Fiberglass Hood With XR7G Type Scoop / In Production again!

Now that Dynacorn has supplied us with hood structures Robin has been able to resume production of his hoods. Getting them from Canada to the US will take a little time but they are coming soon.


Good news… how about the fiberglass version?

When can we start ordering? :smiley:

Don, any word when the hoods may be available?

Coincidently they are finished and on the way!

Which version? The steel/fiberglass or the all fiberglass?

steel. Now that we have these production can go on. Thank you Dynacorn.


Hi Don. Wondering if the hoods arrived? Could you PM me price w/shipping to 91902.

Hi Don. I was wondering if you have any stock on the G-Force hood? Website doesn’t show stock, but I figured I could ask.

How can I get one?

Are the hoods available for ordering? I would like to order the G force hood with built-in scoop

At Present you can only pick them up from the supplier in British Columbia Canada

Who is the supplier? How do I get a hold of them?

And just like that out of stock…