G hood scoop

Mustangs Unlimited are selling repo G scoops for $175 this weekend.

G, 427 GT-E, 69-70 scoops all on sale:

Why would you buy from them when West Coast Classic Cougar sells them less? Ok it’s just a few cents less but still less.

I always shop parts and I have to say Don is usually pretty good about pricing. Most of the time he’s at least the same if not less than the competition. Though I do wish they would do Black Friday stuff again.

Our regular price is $174.47, no weekend sale needed. My staff is all smiles this week, they got free round trip tickets to anywhere in the US, a Christmas bonus and extra time off with no headaches when they get back. We are going to stick with the free, high value content to retain customers and forgo the price wars. I know everyone else is headed in the opposite direction but deep down this just feels right.


I’m not telling anyone where to buy. Just passing on the info.