G snorkel on eBay

Saw this during my obsessive eBay scanning this morning. Purports to be for S code Gs with the aluminum walking cat valve covers. I’m no expert but I figured I would post here for those who are and may want this. Not mine.


I purchased it for my G.

Well worth the cost Don. Impossible item to find for a G. I haven’t seen one for sale in a long time.

Don’t think that is an original one though, has the tell tale notch on the top and the seller does say “remanufactured” in the description.

  • Phillip

We have had them on our site for years. George Huisman makes them from original parts.


I think Mercury sourced the XR7-G snorkel end from the same supplier that AMC used for the 1968 AMX snorkel.

Looks the same as the regular Ford snorkels except no notch.

lots of parts interchange such as the rear window defog and starter solenoids.

Add starters and carburetors to the list of Autolite and Motorcraft parts used by American Motors Corp.

AMC also sourced Ford ( Autolite and later Motorcraft ) for distributors in their Gen-2 290, 343 and 390 V8.

Didn’t look at the ad or part closely. Thought it was an original.