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Don, so I just wanted to clarify that the Dynacorn vent windows are the same that are labeled/sold by Scott Drake and Gold Leaf as well. I wouldn’t want to order from Gold Leaf and find out that they are not the Dynacorn units.

Golden Leaf is the Canadian extension of Dynacorn. Betting Scott Drake is the ill fitting one.

Scott Drake sells the ACP version that we do not like, most likely Scott Drake will change to Dynacorn if the quality is there. I am unfamiliar with Gold Leaf. Dynacorn primarily carries exclusive products and primarily wholesales to dealers like Drake and WCCC.

Then I guess the next obvious question would be when will they be available from WCCC?

I’d like to take this one on, since my passenger side mirror needs a new riv-nut.

Looks like WCCC is out of stock on the riv-nut kits though. I thought they had some just the other day, so maybe someone else is planning on doing the write up?

Mike, I have an extra kit if they’re all out and you need one.

Just Joined up and this thread sounded wicked cool, but it appears to end on Feb 25th without a car proposed? maybe I saw the thread wrong…
Please let me know if a car was chosen and where the before and after pics are…

Whatever the case, I think I can get a good half dozen pieces from the work I’m doing to my car (finally) that involves torque box (ds), floor (front), battery apron r/r, and various other smaller projects.

My new welder should be here any minute now, and I’m off work this week, so I’ll be pushing pretty hard through Sunday. Posting random stuff on, but I’d like to do some useful actual articles that talk about procedures, tools, and real world costs.

Which reminds me that I have to order my parts from WCCC like 3 days ago.