Get FREE parts and help build the knowledge base!

Get FREE parts and help build the knowledge base!

You guys are not going to believe this! I talked Don at West Coast Classic Cougar into giving us free stuff for working on our Cougars!

And at the same time we will build the technical knowledge base that helps all of us fix and restore our Cougars.

Okay there is a catch, but it’s a small one. Here is how the deal works:

Project of the Month!

This is Repair or Restoration or Modification of the month, NOT project CAR of the month.

You can do any project you want, and get your parts from any one you want, and your project thread will be eligible for nomination, but here is how to get the free stuff:

  1. Don lists projects that he would like to see written up. He posts a set of guidelines that must be met: before, during, and after, pictures, parts list, tools required etc. We will do a sample write up so you can see what is expected. And feel free to suggest what you would like Don to consider, but keep in mind I have already asked about that 428 Cobra Jet with top loader 4 speed drive line installation. Don is still laughing about that one. Keep it real, don’t bite the messenger.

  2. The individual board members, that is you, pick a project from the list, and announce it in the thread, and buy any parts they need from West Coast Classic Cougar (to be eligible for free stuff).

  3. The board member posts the write up in a new thread in the Project of the Month section.

  4. Other board members give the completed project a thumbs up (they are basically seconding the effort) that they find it helpful and complete, or ask for more input, and Don gets final say.

  5. The best part! once the project is accepted as complete, WCCC issues an in-store credit for the parts!

    Every month board members will also nominate and vote on the best project. This should provide everybody with an incentive to do good work! It will probably take a little while to build up the pool of nominees unless you guys go crazy with this…

Three things to remember for getting free stuff: Don has to approve the project (it needs to be on the list) First come first served, but you have to complete the project in reasonable time (30 days unless it is a really big project) or it will go back on the list. The write up has to be approved by your brothers and sisters here on the board and of course Don.

If you are not using parts from Don, the rules are a lot simpler: knock yourself out, lets see what you know!

Since we are making this up as we go, please fire away with questions and comments!

So basically we pick a project from Don’s list. Start a thread documenting the project. Get the thumbs up from Don that it’s complete. Get credit from WCCC for the parts that were bought from them. Then you are eligible to be nominated for Project of the Month.

Did I get that right?

Yep! Pretty cool isn’t it?

Of course you can also buy parts from any one, or just write up a “how to” on what you are doing and also be eligible for the Project of the Month. For example, Brian Aust is the master of polishing. The man knows how to rub trim… (sorry it was just too easy…) Seriously, I have always hoped he would show us a few tips and tricks, the right stuff to use, the full meal deal…

When / where is Don going to post his list?

The list will be posted here, and soon. I think this may be a perfect fit for you!

I was thinking the same thing. I got lots of work to do, need plenty o’ parts, have little-to-no-money… and the best part? I used to write procedures for fixin’ broke stuff for a living.

I really like the sound of this. I think these project submissions will make a great database for other Cougar owners to access. Will Al be in charge of POTM?

I am really liking the idea of this too, but more for the custom fabricated stuff. I will definately participate, free parts or not.

Al has graciously offered to run the show. Thanks Al!

Can we make suggestions for things we hope Don includes in the list of projects? If so:

Install a modern yet retro-looking stereo (such as a USA-1)

Rebuild power steering (in my case this will be the pump, control valve, box, and all lines, and possibly the ram but maybe just the dust cover) including the switch from stock small block hoses to improved big block config

Those are two I aim to do within the next 4 months or so. Would document em anyway but definitely wouldn’t mind having a shot at some $ credit in the process, especially the power steering components, they really add up fast for a guy on a budget.

Love this idea, and really looking forward to learn some new tricks!

Yes, making suggestions is a good idea, although we have to keep in mind that the parts are not free to Don, so he has to watch the $$$ when making his choices.

I think it sounds Great! And good deal Don you are the man. I am looking forward to the list!

What if you have already bought the parts from Don, even up to a couple years ago, but didn’t get to it yet, Does that still qualify for a credit?

I can’t speak for Don, but I also can’t see why it wouldn’t be okay. This is not a bad deal for WCCC. First off, they don’t have to answer the same questions about “how do you install this?”. Then they get more sales from customers who are confident that they can do the project. It should also reduce returns. There is more but I think that covers it.

For the rest of us, it makes things easier and more fun.

I also would enthusiastically like to invite other vendors in on this. Not many classic car parts vendors understand the benefits of social media participation but if members of this forum pointed their favorite vendors to this site and voiced their enthusiasm maybe they would bite? We are constantly getting great ideas for “how to videos” but we cannot do them all. Would love to get some help from some advanced skill Cougar enthusiasts. It really needs to be above average quality though if we are going to link them to our website (remember the TCCN tech articles done by readers?). A cheap tripod, good lighting, clear instructions and a willingness to let the forum help edit are a must. On projects that do not need much of an outlay cash wise, WCCC will most likely give more than the face value for in store credit as we want to reward you for participating. On projects that do cost a lot, WCCC may offer a large percentage back for in-store credit, say 30-60%? Keep in mind we want folks to really know what they are doing and give expert advice (or close to it) so this is mostly for folks that have done the repair / install a time or two successfully. Here is a short list of ideas that folks often need explanation on.

1967-1968 RH Mirror installation (trickier than it looks)
1969-1973 RH Mirror instalation (do you know how to install riv-nuts with this?)
1967-1968 Front window regulator install
1967-1968 Quarter window regulator fix (folks always think they need a new regulator and they almost never do)
1969 Conversion to 1970 Bolt In Glass (John Benoit are you listening?)
1967-1968 Converting non console car to Console (lots of little parts here)
1967-1973 Trunk Torsion Rod R&R
1970-1973 Remote mirror wand replacement (this is an easy one)

If it meets the criteria of what we have laid out why not? What do you have in mind?

I wasn’t sure what the list would look like and since I have been buying up parts for the project but not using them yet,… I thought if a project came up that qualified and I already had the parts bought, would that work in credit? You have answered yes to that so I will move on to “what do I have in mind”
Well, there isn’t a video on installing new backer boards for the 67 and 68 cougar. Since I had made these up for you in the passed, Im aware that a credit would not apply here, but, I know there is a need in this area. The instructions that I wrote up, although clear to me, may not be clear to others and a visual aspect to the install would be an asset.

Here is a good one! Dynacorn just announced they now reproduce the 67-68 vent window frames for Mustang / Cougar. Cougarbill did a write up on the current repos (not pretty) so we are anxious to see how these are in comparison. WCCC will offer a 70% credit if someone will do a how to install article and critique the quality and fit. This includes all rubber needed to install the units as well.

Don, I went to their site and they are showing two sets, one from Scott Drake and the other Golden Leaf. Are the one’s you are talking about one of these or another?
Also, If we buy a set from them, how is it that the seals are part of the package?

Here are the parts I refer to. Driver side / Passenger side. The reason I would discount the seals is we want the whole story on how to install.