Glass dates and new glass with Carlite etch

I would like to get a new clear windshield for my GT-E project and a new or really nice used back glass that has the Carlite label and dates I need.
I have seen Carlite windshields for sale at some mustang vendors, but the details are vague. I also read some old google search results that talked about new windshields with reproduced date correct Carlite label for resto projects, but did not find a supplier.
I would like to know if anyone has suggestions or recommendations for locating the glass. I did check WCCC online catalog but haven’t called yet regarding the dates.
Would also like opinions on the acceptable dates based on the following:
My car was dissembled when acquired and did not have a windshield or back glass. Dates on Vent glass 8A & 8B, door glass 7M & 8B, rear quarter glass 7M & 8A. These dates seem pretty spread out but I am pretty sure they may be original as they were in the car when I got it.
My car is a March 20 build date.

Hello Al,

My car is built March 14 and I have the same dates 8A, 8B and 7M in my pics. Would assume your glass is original based on that.


Thanks Chris,

What dates are on the windshield and back glass?

I remember ECI Bob had a similar dillema way back when, and IIRC he purchased repro Carlite and used a stencil and sandblasted to add the correct date codes.
Somewhere in those 119 pages are the details. Maybe Bob will chime in with some page numbers to narrow it down.

Thanks Dave. I bought '70 style repro glass (which had no markings) for my door and quarter glass. I made the graphics up with a carefully chosen photo I took as a starting point. I had a stencil made for each particular date code I needed (a grouping of stencils actually). Making up the graphics was a fairly involved process/effort. I borrowed the technique I used for etching (and the stencil manufacture) from hobby glass etching. I used professional grade (i.e. etches fast) Ammonium and Sodium Bifluoride cream (which is fairly nasty stuff - but not as nasty as Hydrofluoric Acid) to etch the glass and it does a really nice job. This is exacting work. Proper masking of adjacent areas is needed, care in applying the etching cream, timing the etch, proper removal of the cream after etching, etc. is required.

I also correctly etched the windshield I chose to use in Isabel even though it was an aftermarket windshield that has a manufacturer marking on the PS lower corner. Just for the heck of it and no one has ever noticed. In retrospect, I should have bought a new windshield, the slight “sandblasting” of a used one annoys me at times.

Here is a link to some pictures and explanation of what I did: (Picture) Diary of an ECI (East Coast Idiot) | Page 76 | Mercury Cougar Owners

Hope this helps you, let me know if you have any questions.

Oh, and here’s one of my pieces with my etching:

Try these guys. $150 for Carlite. Probably extra to have the date code…

It just so happens that is where I got the side glass from, with no date codes. Yes, extra to have added, not sure how much, I did my own. They sell on feebay as well, think that is how I found them.

Talk to Tom at KTL before you go any further…

Tom used one of my stencils on at least one of his windshields.

Thanks Guys!

Chris: I will contact PS Autoglass and get details.

Bob: Wow your etching looks great. I would probably be ahead to see if someone could add it to a new windshield, than trying to follow your example and get a stencil made. I am curious how you made the stencil. Did you have the stencil made at a screen printing shop or something?

Don: I did talk to Tom briefly today and will be contacting him again about options he would suggest.

Thanks again for the feedback it is much appreciated,

This new glass, it already has a manufacturers mark, correct? They merely are adding the vintage Carlite logo stencil, with your choice of date?

I have an upcoming video … Is it Numbers Matching? on a low mileage 1967 Standard 289-4V. Car has all of it’s original glass (8 pieces) including windshield. Car was scheduled for build June 2. It has clear glass dated 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D, and 7E. Doesn’t appear that during this period in Dearborn that they were doing first in, first out rotation on glass.

The stencil I had made from a Photoshop graphic I made, the company I got the etching supplies from will make a 4" x 6"? (from memory) stencil from a file for a nominal fee (I want to say $15?). I made a file from the first one laying up 6 stencils into the available space, most of them were for the side windows, the windshield etching is similar but somewhat different, I was able to edit the first image I made to match. The stencil was made using a photographic process and is like a silk screen with screen in the areas where the etchant is to pass through, etching the image.

I toyed with the idea of doing these for others, providing a “kit” with specifically what people need for their particular car but it is too small a potential market and too much work. However, I guess if one were to seek out the rest of the market, it could be bigger than I was thinking, all older Fords have this sort of thing and one could branch out to other makes too I suppose…

Whose glass, PSA? Their side glass at least has no markings except on the very bottom edge, some manufacturers markings that meant nothing to me, no logo or anything. The PSA listing for windshields says it is Carlite brand, I do not know if it has a manufacturers marking or not, I would think not, especially if they want to appeal to the concours folks.

Might be just the windshields that have a DOT approved mark?