Glass restoration

I was wondering if anyone had some good tips for taking out minor defects glass? Windshield, side windows, rear window, etc. I have some minor defects like scratches and water marks that I want to buff out. I’m not really wanting to use power or a “10 stage process” to remove them, just something by hand that will get most of that out. I’ve seen videos from everything from bar keepers friend to some massive process that I would most likely make my glass worse. Just looking for a good product and something some of you have used. I don’t want to harm the factory stamping on my glass either. Thanks.

I would use premium turtle wax rubbing compound mixed 50-50 with Gojo. By hand you can get water spots out with that no problem but for any scratches, same mix and you’re gonna need a wool pad and a buffer and a lot of time, IMO.