Gold 428CJ GT-E on BAT

12 minutes and at $46K
Opps, bid got retracted back to $44K

Edit #3 Mcdermbp seems to be bidding against himself… 8 minutes to go and at $47K
Edit #4 Mcdermbp pulled his last bid and now back down to $44K… 4 minutes to go
Edit #5 48,000 by 6S074 bumped in the new two minute rule…
Edit #6 new bid if $49,000 by Mcdermbp adding a new 2 minutes
Edit #7 Now t $49,250 by DonRush…
Edit #8 Up to $50,000 by Mcdermbp

Edit #9 It looks as though the $50,000 by Mcdermbp is the winner. Congratulations to both the Seller and the buyer.

New owner pays $55k for a very rare car. Congrats!

Rust discount. You never know what you have until it is too late. I think it was very well bought.

Don, I noticed that as the auction was winding down to well under 60 seconds, someone would place a new bid and the clock would reset to 2:00 minutes. That continued for the last few bids.

Is that the format for all BaT auctions?

It is one of BAT rules. Something Ebay should have on big ticket items.

I think so too. I was wrong on the numbers matching part but it would not be too hard to sell the short block and find one that is at least date code correct.

Seems to me a pretty good deal for the buyer.

I agree. eBay should have been doing that for years. Otherwise it’s not really an “auction” at all.

What a gorgeous GT-E that will be when restored.

  • Phillip


There was another owner between Wayne and the previos owner, The car went up for sale at an estate auction around 2000 as I bid on the car but it quickly jumped to around 13k which was out of my price range at the time. Then Wayne bought it when it went up for sale around 2004-2005 and kept it for quite a while and sold it to our friend Dean who had the car for about 10 years. Chad recently acquired the car, Chad is not a dealer, just a cougar lover like the rest of us.

There was nos gte trim in the cars trunk at the auction.

I have been in this car several times and the new owner will be able to enjoy the car as is until ready to restore the car.

I may be the lone dissenter, but I think this brought enough. I couldn’t really see it selling for less, but I don’t see it selling for significantly more either.

Al, I totally agree with you, but I guess it depends on how deep a persons pockets are.

It brought decent money considering Royce would let go of his for $100k and if you dropped this car off at most shops your bill could easily be at $100k in short order. But… This hobby is not supposed to make sense. Many buy these cars to purposely get a negative return on their time and $ investment. Just like Fisherman, Elk Hunters and Golfers.

I mean, what is life for?

What kind of value do you put on occupying your mind? Enjoying yourself? Escaping from the real world for a little while? Making friends? Perhaps reliving your youth?

I would be absolutely thrilled if I could break even but I don’t mind at all spending some of my hard earned cash on this hobby.

  • Phillip

“Perhaps reliving your youth?”

Phillip, are you referring to that Christmas classic TV animation with the song “Silver and Gold”?

Everytime I see one of these gold GT-E’s…

LOL! Love Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Rankin/Bass

It’s the time of year for Mad Monster Party!

  • Phillip