Gold 428CJ GT-E on BAT

This should be interesting - a decent driver and I believe numbers matching, low mileage car.

Isn’t this the one that came to the Cascade Cougar Clubs’s 30th anniversary nationals show in Bellevue WA? As I recall the owner drove it down from Alberta. I have a couple pictures of it some place.

Yes, it was owned by the original owner then. He sold it to Wayne Bousquet. Wayne kept the car until about 2010 and sold it. The owner who had it for the last ten years sold it to the dealer who is flipping it now.

Yes, 1997. Here is a group shot showing 3 of 37 total, R code GT-E’s.

Dealer? Chad is a long time Cougar enthusiast that rotates once in awhile but I do not think he is a dealer? He has been a customer of mine for quite a few years.

I’ve always liked the Grecian Gold color. It looks good with the Argent Silver bottom trim too.

Surprised the ad isn’t listing the 3.50 Traction Lok rear end. That’s a huge option!

Does this car have the wrong headrests?

Dean offered me the car for $50k a few years back. I wonder what Chad ended up paying for it

I was talking to the original owner at the 1997 30th anniversary CCC/CCOA National show about making a deal on the cat. We lost contact for a bit in 98 and found out he had passed away.
It is an interesting car, but at some point it is going to need a full restoration.

No… The 68 headrests are prone to cracking so the easy fix is to cover them with 69 covers.

I figured it was a dealer because it had changed hands recently according to the description.

One troubling thing in the photos is the servo for the C6. It should have the letter “R” on it of course. Also the photos seem to carefully avoid showing any large portions of the underside so that it is not possible to tell if the cast iron tailshaft is in place. Can’t see the date code on the third member. Nothing mentioned on whether the distributor or carburetor have correct numbers.

I think it would be cool to leave this as a driver. How many “daily driver” condition R-code GT-E’s are there? Make sure it’s well sorted mechanically and have fun with it. Try to mitigate the rust if possible.

i was in contact with the seller 6 weeks ago fighting with myself to buy the car or not. ended with pass a very rare opportunity. The engine is a 69 replacement, the Servo reads D, i would say from the pictures he sent to me it have a iron tail shaft.
In my opinion he is a honest seller, don’t try to hide anything. I know in a few years i will kick my ass to let this chance have gone…

PS: anyone can explain to me the misalignment of the RH quarter Trim above the Wheel opening?

Probably the result of a fender bender at some point in the past 52 years.

The seller updated the auction with a bunch of photos of parts that are important. He also stated the engine block is a '69 replacement.

Anyone care to speculate on the final bid? Currently at $39,000

No telling but higher than that for sure.

Royce, for sure. But having a '69 engine hurts but it’s still a GT-E.

Looking at the rust issues, it reminds me of the various Cougars I repainted back in the late '70s to mid '80’s from the mid- Ohio valley region. Very typical rust thru. It seems from the photos, those rust areas are what I used to repair by making steel patch panels and but welding in place. Time consuming butt very effective.

With the patch panels available today it would be more easily completed, that is for sure.

Only at $40,000. ?

50 minutes left in this auction. Currently bidding at $40K.