Golde sunroof bosch drive assembly

looking to replace the motor drive for the Golde sunroof, its weird this Golde sunroof the same in Cougars, is in installed in a one off 1962 Bentley. It seems to skip at times, and seems to skip within the transmission part not the cable drive gear, or is there an adjustment I dont know about?.
Anyone please advise
Thank you

There is a sheet metal clip that keeps the cables in mesh with the drive gear. If the clip is missing the cables slip. Perhaps yours is gone?

These Golde sunroofs were used on every imaginable brand of European car and many American cars. Often the drive assemblies are list on eBay. There was a time that ended maybe 10 years ago that BMW still carried Golde parts. These days good used parts are about all that you can find.

This fellow has a lot of Golde sunroof parts - eBay seller 1autobahn1

If you haven’t already, you could have a look at this outfit:

I have never done business or spoken with them - I have a sunroof Cougar and I bookmarked them a few years ago.

  • Phillip

Royce, do you have a picture of this clip???