Hello my name is thoran and im located here in Tucson, Az. My step father had a cougar that was passed down to me and i am trying to get it back in the pristine condition that i remeber it to be. I was able to find the vin# on the car but was not able to find any history about it. I had also tried to hot wire it because i do not have the original keys to the car, but there is more behind the story. If interested in knowing more or want to see the pictures of the car in its current condition please contact me by replying to my page xD Thank You!!!
Also i wasnt sure why but i couldnt upload the pics i have of the car, any tips?

These are the pictures of the car in its current condition

That looks complete if a bit worn by the Arizona sun and dryness!

Thoran, go to “Gallery” next to Notifications and Private messages at upper right, then load pictures to your gallery (“Add images,” then “Choose file.”) Once you have pictures in the gallery, use the “Copy link” option below each thumbnail, then when you compose a message, use the “CCCGallery” button next to the YouTube button.

If you haven’t, next snag a Marti Report - I recommend the deluxe, but the standard verifies a few basic specs - at

As for the key, is the owner warranty card still there? It has a key code for duplicating lost keys. West Coast Classic Cougar has a catalog listing for “key cutting service” that sheds light on the subject.


Ayeee thank you bro, yea i had resized the images and i was able to upload them😆

Interior pics?

Don’t keep these people waiting! :slight_smile: