Grill chrome pitting

I am preparing to repaint the black on my grill on my 69 XR7. There are numerous pits/blisters in the black painted chome. Should I grind those down and treat them with a etching primer or etching paint? Should I just leave them alone? The chrome that shows on the grill face is fine. I do not know if the pits will fester and expand if they get covered with new paint or if they are stable and can just be covered - much easier!!!

At least knock them down with a blade before priming.

Thank you for the info Don.

A tip for masking: Use 3M blue vinyl Fine line tape. It comes in the proper width to cover the edges of the grille bars.

What is the process of painting and what primer do you use. Is there a product I can get in Florida rather than using what’s on WCCC site and paying shipping? Is there a video on this process?

On the black front area you don’t need to prime. If you use Trim Black from SEM.
You can get the paint at any good paint store.