Ground Strap - Hood To Cowl - How Many?

While replacing my hood to cowl seal I noticed I only had one of the little copper anti-static clips on the passenger side of my 67 XR7 GT but found a pic of the (amazingly restored) Cougar #1 that shows these clips on both sides.

There is a painted over hole on the driver side so made me wonder if I’m missing one or just not used in later production?

Here’s the part on WCCC:

Only one and its ont he passenger side of the cowl

Thanks. Thought as much as mine’s pretty unmolested.

Just seeing two on Cougar #1 and a dimple where the driver’s side would go had me wondering.

I will look for a picture.
An early 1967 Cougar that we scrapped out, also had dual grounding straps, it also had the Mercury emblem on the front fender extension mounted at an angle. The car spent too many years covered in black berries to be restorable. I do remember that it showed evidence of having speed control.
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Have pictures of three dozen all with a single ground strap. Top of the cowl is shared with Mustangs and Shelbys and those also have the divot as if some engineer wanted or they planned on maybe doign two but it appears to me that it didn’t make it to regular production for the full year. If you provide when your car was built we can focus just on that specific period of time since things can change during the production year. We see it all the time

No particular order

example -1

example -2

example -3

example -4

example -5

example 6

example 7 Close up - Hole unused just dimple in metal

Hope this helps 0

Found the picture.
IMG_0997 (1).jpg

Headline read “Cat Killed by Black Berries!” - How sad. However you have lived up to your title of “Carcheologist” for sure!

Found one site that mentioned that 69 T-Birds used two as well. Had no doubt (ok… a little as did start this thread) that one was correct for mine but nice to confirm.

BTW - J_Speegle. Here’s the photo of Cougar #1 that got me thinking.

But being as mine is an XR7 with a 5/8/67 build date not even worth looking.

Looks IMHO that it was a very early thing that got dropped

Here is an example likely built a couple of weeks before your car. Just dimple like the others so not drivers side hood ground on this one either

And this one likely built after yours at Dearborn.

Sorry, looked at things wrong. Post deleted.

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What does that part do.

I thought it was for the static electricity & the A/M radio

Correct. Ford called it a “Hood Bonding Radio Receiver Strap”.

At speed the friction from air passing over the hood can generate static electricity. Grounding the hood helps diffuse/discharge this pent up static charge so it doesn’t cause AM radio static.

I have a Jan 13 1967 build date. Just the one and a dimple.

I have and early build date of Nov 1st of 66 and I just have the dimple. My Mercury script is on straight also. How early was that 67 that had the cock-eyed script?
Is it just me or does that distributor look like it is way off on that 390 car in example #4 post 5?

Does look like it’s missing the shield the protects the distributor and has a closed emissions air cleaner base but no PVC hose connected to the oil cap and the plug wires are not correct but beyond that cap itself doesn’t look that off but never have really noticed them much. Others might be able to point to what is wrong with the one used as does seem a tad off.

As far as the pictures I posted go please understand that none of them were posted as examples of how the cars were originally delivered or should be used for any purpose other than the subject being discussed here in this thread. PLENTY of prior owner changes and choices in most of them.