GT-E and XR7-G Registry Pages Broken?

Something is going on with the GT-E and XR7-G Registry web pages.

Google search links as well as direct links from the home page are both taking me to a “domain available” type of page.

I hope this is a temporary unavailability issue due to maintenance of some sort >.<

I’ll look into it

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The Eliminator Registry is also down.

The domain name came up for renewal. It’s set to automatically renew. Instead of renewing that domain it renewed the old Cougar swap meet domain. In the mean time the registry domain was sold out from under us. The new owner wants $250 plus to get it back.

The solution is to create a new domain name the registry sites will go back up shortly and be exactly like it used to be. This cost $14.

We are trying to figure out how it happened but it is too late to do anything about it now.

The Registry sites are back up with the new domain name.

There is a landing page with the links to each Registry at, and the links to the individual Registries are:

The links on the main Classic Cougar Community site are updated. Please update any links, bookmarks, and favorites of your own if possible.

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Interesting, I never had any issues accessing any of these pages during this time

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You may have been looking at cached versions, because the old domains were definitely down.

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