GT-E At Barrett Jackson

My dad was wondering about this Cougar that is being previewed for Scottsdale in January. I was wondering if this is the one that was rebodied. It looks familiar.

Auction Preview

If it is the one that was though to be a rebody, the person in Washington state who bought it proved it WAS NOT a rebody. He ended up getting a deal on it.

Well, this looks like a really nice car. I wonder what it will go for…

Unfortunately every red GT-E that comes up for sale now will trigger this discussion again.

If I was interested in that GT-E or any other I would contact the registrar for more information. Far too expensive to rely on the internet.

This is NOT the car in Washington, mentioned above.

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Looks like Robin’s GT E from Carolina with the Lucas lights. Nice guy and hope it does well at auction.


anyone have Pictures of Interior of this car? auction lists only exterior?

Thank you

Sold 165K includes commission. Joe this GT-E was a standard interior like Brian’s A. car that was 1st GT-E sold @ Barrett’s auction a few years back.

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ah, okay. So standard red?

The one that sold a couple days ago was an XR-7, numbers matching, Cardinal red GT-E. The interior was well restored, with leather seats, console etc.

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Correct Royce, a follow up on this cardinal red 68 GTE 427 side oiler that sold at Barretts a few days ago for $150K plus fees. Here are a couple shots of it at the auction, but GTFastbacker, I didn’t get any interior shots. Very NICE car! It was staged by a really nice black on black '70 Q code 428 SCJ Eliminator that sold for $200K!

Please someone can provide some Interior Pics of that specific car? I need it for my insurance company in Germany, they don’t have a glue about GT-Es ant what they are worth…

Thank you so much

Here’s image XR7 red interior. Thought car was standard interior my bad.

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Here’s back seat.

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great ! Tahnk you so much !

I do not think those pictures show the GT-E interior. The pictures show a set of reproduction vinyl seat covers sewn incorrectly. The GT-E sold at BJ last week had correctly stitched leather and vinyl seat covers. Also the GT-E had the optional and rare headrest seat option.

I think Royce is right that it’s not the GTE interior. It also looks to be a car with A/C.

Is this the “Mustang Unlimited” Car ? because of the fog lights …

No it is not that one. He just like the XR7-G look. An extra NOS valance painted Sheffield Silver was included if you do not like them.

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