GT-E At Barrett Jackson

My dad was wondering about this Cougar that is being previewed for Scottsdale in January. I was wondering if this is the one that was rebodied. It looks familiar.

Auction Preview

If it is the one that was though to be a rebody, the person in Washington state who bought it proved it WAS NOT a rebody. He ended up getting a deal on it.

Well, this looks like a really nice car. I wonder what it will go for…

Unfortunately every red GT-E that comes up for sale now will trigger this discussion again.

If I was interested in that GT-E or any other I would contact the registrar for more information. Far too expensive to rely on the internet.

This is NOT the car in Washington, mentioned above.

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Looks like Robin’s GT E from Carolina with the Lucas lights. Nice guy and hope it does well at auction.