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Great video. Thanks for sharing the link Leon.

Great vid, thanks for posting. :thumbup:
I like it!!

A lot of stuff that is almost true… Great video never the less.

Those 67 Mustangs with a 427 sure were popular back in the day… :flushme:

Usually I agree with you Bill, but a great video wouldn’t have so much misinformation.

The 427 GT-E only good for a 14 second quarter mile?

Post the details of misinformation in the You Tube comments. They are going to revise the video to correct information

Just my personal opinion, but, why legitimize the original author of this horrible ‘documentary’ by offering corrections? If they didn’t take the time to properly research the pertinent facts, why should anyone help them out? The statements made are so horrifically inaccurate, why even bother?
Like I previously stated, just my personal opinion…

Without correction other people will take it as fact.

I agree. The general public car guys and women as well as the Cougar Community can all benefit from accurate information.

I would be happy to, but I’m not going to create a Google account just to comment.

The most annoying part is how he keeps comparing the XR7 package to the GT-E package like they have something in common.

If some one with an account wants to post the corrections, here is what I found.

Anybody else bugged by the fact the out-side rear view mirror is installed Mustang style and upside down for a Cougar? I don’t want to pick the car a part, but man…


  1. No Mustang ever came from the factory with a 427 of any sort.

  2. The Cougar was the only vehicle built in '68 with the 427.

  3. The XR-7 was not a sport version. There were two versions of the Cougar. The standard hardtop and the XR-7 Hardtop. The XR-7 was the luxury version. There were no performance, suspension, or engine differences between the two versions.

  4. The GT-E package was available on both the Standard and XR-7 versions of the Cougar.

  5. There were 115 Standard GT-E’s (101 with 427, 14 with 428CJ) There were 394 XR-7 GT-E’s (357 with the 427 and 37 with the 428CJ).

  6. Leather interior was standard on XR-7 and not available on the Standard.

  7. The GT-E package was a free standing option. It was available on both XR-7 and Standard Cougars. There was also a GT package that included the Marauder 390 4V. The GT-E package was a step above the GT.

  8. The R code 427 was never installed in any Mustang at the factory. The R code 428 CJ was, starting officially, on April 1st of 1968.

  9. Only one Cougar GT-E was ever produced with a red stripe tire. It was prototype used n the Playboy magazine article.

  10. The 428CJ had a functional Ram Air hood scoop.

  11. The lower color below the trim piece was silver on all GT-Es. No other color was offered.

  12. With the 428CJ the Cougar was a 13 second car.

In general, the XR-7 is the more desirable vehicle and also more valuable even though it was produced in greater numbers.

comments posted. They have already released an update but not everything was corrected

Video is listed as Private now and it won’t allow me to view it even after logging in to my youtube account. :bloated:

Alot of people don’t know where / how to get the correct information, or they searched and found various conflicting information and were not sure where / how to confirm which data is correct.

I see that alot with posts about Eliminators on various other forums. Usually the people posting have good intentions, but just don’t have thier facts straight.
IMO, it is our job to help them get their facts straight. They learn from us, and in turn teach others correctly.

I get the same “video is private” message. Maybe they are doing corrections.

I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for those who launch off onto a project of “reporting” on a car, but have no idea what information is available to illuminate their perspective. These people are perhaps even dummer than they look. They foolishly put out this “crap” and expect no one will know any better. The spokesman for this little travesty of publication has now been black-balled by nearly everyone of any influence, and so we need to ask … “Why, dear dumb-ass, did you ‘publish’ what you knew, or should have known, was not only in error, but by design bogus?” And, while it is nice to think of our vociferous responses to this bs might have an effect on these idiots, the truth is that they don’t care if they are correct or not – throw enough bs against the wall and see what sticks – any notoriety is worth the bad publicity, apparently. That said, I don’t expect any response from anyone in the line of responsibility for this.

Maybe some errors but still a great little clip. No such thing as bad publicity. Right?

i got “video removed by author”