GT-E post card

Just went to the Roush Museum gift shop and picked up a few postcards of Susan Mclenaghan (Roush) GT-E cougar. I guess they just came out. Being the car people they are you would think they at least get the statistics right. On the back of the card it has there were 602 GT-E’s made with 358 being the 427 sideoiler.
( just tried posting a pic, but came back as attachment quota has been reached. I never have any luck posting pics here, I probably need to go back basic computer 101)

Go to your profile under manage attachments and delete out some of the old pictures as you have used up your allowable data. Then you can post pictures again.

Use a free site like Photobucket to host your images, it’s a much better solution because as you delete photos to get your quota back you’re ruining the threads where you posted the photos before.

Roush post card.jpg
Maybe I’ll look into the photobucket thing or post them on I believe I only have one picture posted here. I always have trouble posting pics here for some reason,operator error I guess.

(wow, I did it)

Thanks for taking the time to share that post card. I’ve often thought that Susan’s GT-E is a beauty. I think the red line tires make the car really pop!

I agree. Those tires look great with the black and red pin stripes. Pretty, pretty car.

I want to get one or 2 of them…can you look at the back and see if there is any kind of a publication # or sku that I can provide when I call in and post if possible please?


Chris, there is no publication # or sku, just more statistics about the GT-E. here is a link to the gift store and phone. If not to successful get a hold of me and I’ll see about mailing you one. (by the way, $1.25 ea.) 734-779-7290

I just called and the nice lady said they’re sold out but more are on the way soon. She took my # and said they’d call. I want 5, for some reason that pic really jumps out at me!


Brian, I probably snatched them all. If you run into a problem get a hold of me, I have a few extras. :buck:

Thanks :wink: I’ll give it a couple weeks and check back in…

I had the same thing happen this morning. I messaged the Administrator (JAYS) and he fixed the problem for me. You don’t need to delete previous posts

Thanks G68, good to know. I had only one pic on here and I had to remove it to put this pic up of the post card.

We increased the amount of space available to host pictures (doubled it actually) so hopefully you guys won’t be seeing that message for a while. Still, the very best way to put pics up is to put them on a site like photobucket and then put a link in your post. Just so everyone understands, what you see in your post is the picture, not just a link. What happens is when you look at a page here, our program calls up the server at Photobucket and gets the picture from them and displays it on your page. It is kind of like pouring from two pitchers into one glass. It reduces how much has to come out of our pitcher, and speeds up how fast the page can be created.

Just got the call and the new batch is in…order away!

How 'bout the poster? Anyone know if available?

Does anyone have a pic of the car sitting in the collection/showroom?!/photo.php?fbid=114617426738&set=a.428243006738.230175.114376536738&type=3&theater

I am a friend of the Rousch collection on Facebook and I swear I see it parked in there in the background in one of the pics…but??



Here you go Brian.
Boss reunion 002.jpg

Ahh yes…there it is. Thanks!

You think that’s what in the back right corner of that facebook pic?