GT-E slated for BJ in January

Fair Warning – There’s a GT-E slated to be in the January, 2017 Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale. The consignor apparently has not told BJ that the car is REBODIED, as it is not presented as that. I am in the process of trying to notify the powers that be at BJ concerning this matter.
Jim Pinkerton, Cougar GT-E Registrar.

Thanks for keeping the community informed Jim.

Is it the red one that is currently featured in Muscle Car Review?

Just out of curiosity how many rebodied GTE’s are known?

Well it looks nice!

There are eleven known rebodied GT-Es, 7 of those are red (59% of GT-E production were red).

No it is not the same rebodied car featured recently in MCR.

It looks like the one on the front cover of the “Mustang Unlimited” Cougar catalog a few years back.

Thanks Jim

You’re correct. This Cougar has the XR7S style horizontal taillight bars.


There are eleven known rebodied GT-Es

I don’t have anything nice to say, so I won’t.

To make matters worse, it has a '64 center oiler motor (or perhaps even a 390) 428-style heads and exhaust manifolds (the latter better from a performance point of view but certainly not correct). BJ has been notified officially, so it will be interesting to see whether the consigner pulls the car, or corrects his description.