GTE on Facebook For Sale

Just stumbled across this GTE in Iowa for sale

Best of luck to whomever takes this one on. I hope there’s a garage full of GTE pieces that were taken off years ago. Hard to start a project like that with a carcass and a Marti Report.

Wow! This is what you call a truly dead GT-E. In one of the photos you can see bondo under what’s left of the vinyl roof. Sad. I’ve always hated vinyl roofs. Of course, most of the rare GT-E parts are long gone. Bound for the crusher. :cry:

To fix that one you would need to put a donor car next to it and then begin the process of cut and paste. The reality is that the GT-E is an engine, headlight trim, side trim, two fender badges, and a pair of exhaust tips. Other than that you are restoring an XR7. This is a great color, black is the easiest interior color to restore, and the option list is a bonus.

If you want to find a car you can flip and make money on, this would take far too long and require too much investment in time and effort. Flippers can move on. If you have always wanted a GT-E but you don’t have $100K in the checking account this might be your way to own one. But be prepared, this one will take years and there will be blood sweat and tears involved.

Make no mistake this one needs everything. It won’t be on the road anytime soon.

What many people are not considering is that the GT-E is collectable beyond being a Cougar. There are fans of the 427 side oiler. This was the last production car built with what is perhaps the best American racing engine over offered. There are AC Cobra fans that see this as a way to touch greatness for about $500k less money. And, as is always the case, where are you going to find another one that is better for less?

I agree. The hardest part IMO is assembling the 427. Replacement panels are available for '68’s and parts cars are out there. It needs A LOT of rust repair and would probably be over 50% replaced metal. I don’t remember the last time I saw a GT-E project car. People are gawking at the price but I don’t think the price is unreasonable. My '69 SCJ Eliminator is (was) less complete than this car and I’m having to replace ~50% of the metal. If the car has the right options, then it’s worth doing for someone.

Another one for KTL to resurrect??

Better keep track of that S/N; could be a re-body sometime in the future!!

This car has supposedly sold for asking price ($20K)

The headlight trim and side trim were with the car. It even has at least one exhaust manifold with it on the driver’s floor, LOL!

Like Bill said, where you gonna find another one? I got a laugh out of the nuts on FB saying “one too many zeros”… Look, it’s not an XR7 or GT. It’s a GTE. They don’t come up every day. If you want one you gotta take what’s available sometimes.

I really hope whoever bought it shares their progress here! I’d love to see the craftsmanship that’s going into this!