GTE Paint Layout

I’ve looked and I’ve been unsuccessful in finding images of a GTE restoration showing the argent/light gray paint layout. I know by looking at exterior pictures that the argent/light gray follows the lower body line but how does it transition into the door openings and the lower rocker panel areas when the fenders are not installed? I’m using the GTE paint treatment on my 68 convertible conversion so any help or pictures would be wonderful.


See if this works.

Royce thanks so much for the pictures. That’s exactly what I was looking for. :thumbup:


Royce would you happen to have any pictures of the rear valance area? Is the body area where the valance screws attach to the body argent/gray or body color?


Sorry to camp into this thread but it is GTE paint scheme related.
Most 68 Xr7 Cougars I’ve seen are pinstriped. Was this standard or optioned and if optioned how can one tell? Color for Nordic blue if so?

Kinda - see this.

Pinstripes were standard, most likely they would have been white.

Agree - Pinstripes were white or black. Nordic blue got white pin stripes. Very few light colored cars got black stripes, for example Saxony Yellow or Polar White.

I want to confirm my understanding on the issue of pinstripes. I’ve seen a number of GTEs without them (including mine). I was thinking it might be possible that pinstripes were omitted due to possible clashing with the GTE trim.

Is it fact the case that GTEs should have the ordinary pinstripes as per typical cougars’ color scheme?

All of the early pictures show stripes

My GTE still has it’s original paint with pinstripes. If they are missing the car was repainted.

Fact - all GT-E’s got the same pinstripes as any other Cougar. Red cars like most other dark colors got white pin stripes.

All 67-70 Cougars got a stripe of some sort. It’s very possible if the car has original paint but not the stripes that someone intentionally removed them, which wouldn’t have been hard to do. They are also easy to unintentionally remove with some of the harsh rubbing compounds that people were using back in the day.

** regular production red GT-E’s got white stripes.