GTE restamped distributor

Saw this on Ebay clearly a poor job at a restamping of a hard to find part.

The date looks to be 6L 2 despite what the ad says. It’s a stretch for sure.

I think that distributor is correct. The date code is missing the first digit-the 8.

Here is a picture of an original distributor.

BTW if you zoom in on my date code on mine it is 8B20. Which is after the 2-6-68 date they went to that variant dist and prior to my eng assy date.

The date is a bit of a mystery on ebay dist.


Look at the font size of the C8OF, it is much larger than normal. Plus, you can see that it is over stamped.

x2. I don’t claim to be an expert, but this look like an amateur attempt at best. There are definite remnants of a stamp underneath.

Plus obvious signs of a belt sander being used to remove previous markings.

A quick read of the description states some damage was done to the numbers by way of a screw driver as a cleaning aid. :unamused:

Boy you guys are tough, but I think you are right. If I had to buy a distributor, I would pass on that one.

Just trying to keep a fellow Cougar owner from parting with a bunch of cash on something that’s no good. $850 isn’t what it used to be even a year ago, but it’s still a chunk.

I reported it to eBay but it’s unlikely they will do anything. They claim to want a safe place for buyers. As long as it doesn’t cost them fees.