Happy Birthday CalssicCougarCommunityForums!

The terrible twos are coming!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Classic Cougar Community Forums!

On December 23rd 2010 this board came to life in its current incarnation.

Thanks to the many great folks that have made this a fun place to hang out!

Thanks to Jay for spending way too much time keeping the litter box clean!

I thought I better post now in case the end of the world comes on the 21st!

Happy Birthday CCC!!! :beerchug:

I’ll have a beer tonight to celebrate.

Mo and Al I think Bill is talking about you guys! :poke:

I can’t agree more. Bill and Jay , thanks for making this a great place for all of us guys and gals to enjoy our hobby!

Too Funny! :laughing:

“CalssicCougarCommunity”? I hope Bob doesn’t see that.

By the way folks, it’s the holiday season and time to support this forum with your generous donations. I’m making mine right now.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Bill and Jay. We certainly have enjoyed seeing the baby grow into a toddler!

Wow, how time fly’s.

I can’t remember the first thread that I participated on, might have been the rarest or most valuable Cougar? The Unicorn thread came later, as I recall.

Thanks to all of those that run, operate, participate, and support the Classic Cougar Community. :beerchug:

Congrats to all. But I gotta tell you… as a dad to Two Terrors, experience has proven that the 3s were way worse. :poke: Something to look forward to then… LOL

And thanks for the donation reminder. I will take care of that shortly. :thumbup:

Congratulations on the anniversary and thanks for all the work in making this site a fun place to hang out.

Donation sent.

Actually that is for Bob LOL! Believe it or not he is member number 2!

Happy anniversery, I’ll treat myself to some cake later. Great forum to be part of. Keep up the good work. :beerchug:

Thanks Bill

it’s been fun, and i know it’ll stay that way.

thanks a million Bill & Jay

Thanks for the reminder.
I’m in.

I have no idea WHAT you could mean by that Steven. Quite frankly, I’m offended. Bill, Steven has offended me, I expect a full retraction! Why, I may just have to contact Johnny Cochran on this offense… :bloated: …LMAO…that was hard even to type with a straight face!

Thanks Bill and Jay!

(and Al for the reminder, taken care of…)


Wow! The show of support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I didn’t start the thread to drum up donations, I saw that there were several 2 year anniversaries popping up and it prompted me to look and see exactly when we had fired up the forums. It sure seems like the two years have gone by in a hurry.

No thank you Bill. And Jay. Without all your hard word and dedication we would all be stuck at the evil corporate site.

Suuuuuure you didn’t, Bill…

(no worries, we must think you’re worth it…errr…the FORUMS are worth it…yeah, that’s it…) :poke:

I have to agree with this. 3 is a hundred times worse. :buck:

And then they turn into teenagers. With drivers licenses. And bad genes…

Holy mother of typo’s Batman! Whenever I come across a word I don’t know the meaning of, or sometimes just for the heck of it, I look it up on the interwebz. The typo in this thread’s title is a doosie! Who’da thunk it?

As for interpreting the implications, I’ll leave that alone!