Happy Birthday to ClassicCougarCommunity.Com!

Happy 7th Birthday to Classic Cougar Community Forums!

December 23rd 2010 was the day. The site is actually older than that, but that is when we kicked off the forums. And if you remember that you really are an old fart… LOL

I though that after a few years we would have heard of every conceivable problem and we would have run out of things to talk about. Obviously I had no idea just how many things can go wrong as our cars have started turning 50! I still learn something new every day.

Thanks to the many great folks that have shared your stories and experience and knowledge, and made this a fun place to hang out!

While he is mostly silent, Thanks to Jay for keeping the server happy and healthy.

Bill B

Been seven years already. Does not seem that long ago.
Older you get the faster time goes by.

Happy Birthday CCC

Happy Birthday !

Thanks for all you guys do and to the entire Community, Merry Christmas and the best of New Years.

Holy moley. Hard to believe it’s been that long. I remember jumping ship from MercuryCougar.net after the corporate buyout and haven’t looked back. This place is the bee’s knees. Thanks Bill & Jay!

This has been an interesting year… The Photobucket thing sure threw us for a loop or two… Upgrading to a private server has sure been a good move.

I remember looking at Carl Graziano’s Cougar list server in the mid 1990’s. I didn’t think the internet was going to last very long based on what I saw there.

Thankfully this site is a lot better! Thank Bill and Jay!

The Best Cougar site ever was the original TCCN The Classic Cougar Network. Written from the ground up in HTML and each page a work of art. Modern content management systems just don’t allow for that. Of course it burned out every one it touched and died under it’s own weight.

Wow time clues. I like this site. I’ve been part of m9st all the “on line” Cougar lists and forums. Thanks Bill and all involved here.

Yeah, that was huge. You guys did a great job figuring that one out. I can’t tell you how many tech threads on other car forums I’ve tried to look at, and all the pictures are screwed. There’s probably a decade of great how-to’s and build threads out there that are now ruined thanks to photobucket’s greed. I get that they have to stay afloat as a business, but c’mon.

Happy birthday Classic Cougar Community. Bill, Jay, et al, you should be very proud of what has been created and contributed to by all our fellow Cougar enthusiasts.Since CCC was started I have not looked back at the other forums. I am still a member of Carl’s e-mail Cougar list serve, but there’s not a lot happening there anymore. Times change, and I guess some of us do as well.

Wow! Congrats! Thanks for giving us a great place to hang out and talk about our favorite subject for the last 7 years :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday and thanks for all you and Jay do!

Thanks for everything Cougars on this site. A special thanks for all the hard work that goes into this.

Big Thanks to those that operate and maintain this site! By far the best forum for these cars I have found to date! I have not been around the cougar community long but Its apparent everyone here are good people and willing to help where they can. Case in point fixing Photobucket mess! I cant tell you how many times Ive gone searching for a subject only to find a thread with blocked pictures. I have not found another forum that fixed that disaster let alone fixed it quick!

In the world of corporate forums Its really nice to see one still privately operated. Keep it up guys!

Thanks Bill & Jay for keeping this site clean, organized and running smooth like an old Cougar. This site was instrumental in communicating with the Cougar community to get the information out so the CATS club had awesome attendance at the Dearborn 50th anniversary show.

Dearborn will go down as THE Cougar event. Period. You guys did a great job. I am very happy that the site could play at least a small role in the event.

Happy Website day to CCC.com

Congrats, and many thanks to Bill & Jay, and all you guys. I’ve also been around since the Yahoo list serve days, and really enjoy the camaraderie we have in the classic Cougar world.


Happy Birthday. What a fantastic resource! It’s made getting into fixing up our Cougar fun for my son and I.
Thank you all.