Hard to Open Trunk Lid

First post, but I have read the forums for years.
I have a 67 Cougar that was just painted. The trunk is now very difficult to open. I feel that I will break the key off in the cylinder before the latch releases and the trunk opens. The trunk lid was removed during painting and the latch support was replaced while the car was painted. Before the car was painted, I used to rotate the key approximately 90 degrees before the trunk would open, now it is closer to 135 degrees. The body shop said I just need a new latch. I’m wondering if the existing latch just needs to be adjusted. I also added a rear spoiler to the trunk lid ( shouldn’t make a difference I would think). I did spray some lithium grease into the latch, but it is still difficult to turn the key. Thoughts on if the existing latch can be adjusted or needs to be replaced.


Was the weather stripping replaced? Many times it causes it to be too tight causing a bind. You may need to adjust the latch.

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Try pushing down on the trunk lid when turning the key. If it opens easier, then it might be the weatherstrip issue mentioned by Felix.

The weather stripping was replaced. I will try adjusting the latch.

Welcome to the unfortunate incompetence that abounds in these United States today. WCCC has a great video on how to remove the trunk rear lock assembly and reinstall - in toto.

Thanks for the responses. I ended up spraying more white lithium grease and exercising the latch. Now it works fine.