Headlight covers not working

I recently purchased a’67 cougar that I’m having problems with the light covers working. The drivers side works fine but the other one goes up but will not go down. Looking for advice of where to start to correct the problem, am confused to start on the actuator or the lense motor unit, possibly vacuum hoses? Thanks

Cougar headlight doors were vacuum operated. They default to the open position if there is a leak. West Coast Classic Cougar has free vacuum diagrams to download that will help you diagnose your issues.

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Thanks, I just found this I’ll do as you suggested
, get the diagram and see where it takes.me. Is there any way to check the actuator to see if it is defective?

Sure you can check the actuators using vacuum. Either use a pump or you can use engine vacuum and a piece of rubber hose. The 67 Cougar headlight doors do not open like the '69 - 70 ones do when the actuators are failed.

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For the uninitiated (e.g me!), how do the 69/70 headlight doors work? Are they electrically operated?

69-70 headlight doors are opened, closed and held closed by vacuum. Springs help hold the doors open, There is a vacuum valve on the headlight switch that directs vacuum to the vacuum motor located behind the front valance.

As sfhess has summarized, the system used on 1969-70 Cougars is simplified as compared to 1967-68, in that it uses ONE vacuum ‘motor’ to open and close the headlight covers. The springs ( 1969 & 1970 = C9AZ-13A163-C ) are used to open the doors ( default position ) in the event of a failure in the system, or as the system loses vacuum during extended periods of non-operation. The one motor ( 1969 & 1970 = C9WY-13A167-A / "motor assy. (headlight cover control " } is located directly behind the center grille and above the stone shield and connected to the LH and RH headlight doors via a long pivoting rod “shaft assy.” ( 1969 = C9AZ-13B013-A & 1970 = D0WY-13B013-A ) extending to both sides and connected to the doors through two “outer shaft assy” ( 1969 = C9WY-13B014-A and 1970 = C9WY-13B014-B ). For all intensive purposes these outer shaft assemblies look like mini-rag joints ( to absorb and cushion the impact of the closing of the headlight door covers ). Don’t forget the “bracket assy. ( headlamp cover stop )” p/n D0MY-113A096-A which is adjustable to allow the covers to be correctly aligned with the rest of the grille. There are also two small rubber bumpers attached here which also prevent metal-on-metal contact when the headlamp covers close ( they do not show on the 1969 MPC / Cougar parts illustration ), but they are shown for the 1969 full size Mercury and the 1970 Cougar - and in both cases they are the same hardware # : 351139-S, so they must be the same ones used on the 1969.

Should you wish to go electric on 67, there is a switch wire unused on drvr side lower support rail, near fuel line that is powered only when lights are on. You can use 94 Ford Probe headlight motor, or 01/05 BMW window motor for conversion. Use Bosch Relay, 1 relay will provide for both motors. If vacuum actuators are good for both headlamps, do not throw away!
On three bolt holes in lamp cage, you can get dimensions for motor placement and clearance. Kits available from 350 to 700 bucks, but it is one of the best conversions I’ve made.

I would rather stay with the vacuum if possible and not spend another $500 on the car.