Headlight switch removal

How do you remove the headlight switch in a 68 cougar. Understand there is a button to press to release the plunger so the bezel can be unscrewed but after an hour searching I still can’t find the release. Can anyone point me to the solution?

It’s a small button, see photo –

That picture above shows it. I know I’ve had mine out to replace it, but it’s been awhile. If I remember right, you just have to feel for it; you probably won’t be able to contort yourself around and under the dash enough to see it.

Thanks, but the photo looks like the switch from a mustang or something without hideaway headlamps. Cougar switch has the vacuum connections at the back-end of the switch. I’m restoring the car and have everything out of the dash (except the switch) so easy access to all 4 sides. Still no button. I’m sure it’s a simple thing but so far have several hours invested in trying to figure it out. Any other ideas?

Exact, you can’t see it - you have to feel for it.
On a 70 switch (68 looks the same), the button in on the back side of the vacuum ports, very close to the dash.
Laying down back on the floor with head on tans. tunnel, you should be able to find it with the index of your right hand.
(I use a cushion - 2" thick - on the floor to minimize pressure of door sill on my back).

Links to a 68 used switch on WCCC website.

The photo does show a headlight switch without the vacuum ports for hideaway headlights, but that has no bearing on the location of the release button. It is in the same location with or without hideaway headlights.

To further clarify things the button is on the opposite side from the electrical plug. To release the knob sometimes requires spinning the knob, like you were changing the intensity of the interior lights, around some as you push in on the button. Sometimes even pushing a little to the left or right as you push the button in. They can be a PITA sometimes to get it to release. I have worked on some for 10-15 minutes without success, took a break from it and would come back later to have it come right out.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I second what Randy said. This switch can be the most difficult thing to remove from your Cougar and that’s after you find the button. The button is there. It doesn’t depress very far and the top is smooth so you can miss it easily.

Studied the picture and description from Randy about location, then went back this morning to “look with my fingers” as you guys suggested and guess what - right where you said it was (you probably already knew that). It did take a little coaxing to release the plunger but after that it was a piece of cake. Last part to come out of the interior before structural work. You would think after completely stripping the car, removing interior and glass, pulling engine/trans, etc. a little switch would be easy. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

Here’s a photo of the one I pulled out of mine.

I see it doesn’t have the spacing bracket attached to the left end (picture orientation) so this is a replacement switch. The originals had the bracket tack welded on the switch. To make reinstallation easier, I carefully drilled and mounted the bracket to the switch with a couple of small screws. The notch/tab orientation is important.

How do you attach the C adapter to the new switch

I use a two part epoxy.