Headlight/Tilt Vaccum Check Valve

I am going to be replacing the tilt/headlight check valve on my 69…there is an additional valve installed on my car from the manifold to the check valve…it is a one way inline valve that says to engine. Is this valve necessary or could this have been an attempt by someone to hold vaccuum instead of replacing the original check valve. I could post a pic if it would help to clarify. It seems redundant that there would be two check valves installed.

There are two valves when you have tilt IIRC and they are located about 6" apart.

Is the single inline check valve available through you…I did not see it with the tilt/headlight check valve.

Just the double, does yours have one single and one double?

Yes, but the single does not look like the one that you have pictured???/

Yes, any we take off cars do look like that one pictured but used are hard to come by.

Here is what I have[album]1030[/album][album]1029[/album] The “real check valve” whistles in and out.

The “real check valve” whistles in and out. Here’s what I have:

That valve in the second picture is not original. According to the vacuum manual, the '69 tilt-away system had just one check valve in the engine compartment - the one on the right side of your first picture. My aqua car was pretty original under the hood, and only had the one check valve. My current car also has tilt, but was not very original. I rebuilt it with just the one check valve (purchased the repro from WCCC), and it works fine.

That is from a modern car. Did you test the old one? Bet it is bad and they just added the extra.

Actually, now that I look again at the picture, those hoses appear to be going to the headlights. The tilt hose goes on the passenger side. Same answer, anyway, just one check valve for each system (at least for '69s).

Thanks to you both, and yes the original is bad. I am new to the site and trying to navigate the picture and posting thing. I figured that the unit on the left (as seen from the pic) was a stop gap measure to slow the headlights from opening. I will add to the list and keep on keepin on.

Matt you are doing fine. These cars are big puzzles to be figured out. The previous owners were a devious lot.

I have a dual check valve I purchased from WCCC when I found that mine was not functioning properly. It was installed for a very short time, as I subsequently determined that one of my headlight motors was slightly leaky and disconnected the whole system. I’ve since replaced it all with an electronic headlight door kit, so have no use for it. I’ll send it to you for just the cost of shipping if you need one.