I just put in a headliner into my 67 XR7. What a task that is!!! Did not come out as good as I would like as well… Was wondering if anyone out there has utilized a ONE PIECE headliner for your Cougar?? I know TMI makes for Mustang did not know if these were ever made for Cougar?? Or if there might be an Alternate manufacturer that manufactures a Cougar One piece headliner. Gosh it would be sooo much easier. Appreciate any information from the forum. Thanks John

I’ve never heard of a one piece headliner for a 67/68 1st generation Cougar.

Mustangs to fear makes/offers one for the Mustang. I contacted them a couple years ago and offered to test it in my 1967 Cougar race car to see if it would fit and they could start offering it to the Cougar community. They aren’t far away from me and I was going to pick it up so their wouldn’t be shipping charges. If it fit I would buy and if it didn’t fit I would return it. They weren’t interest and only wanted to sell me one :frowning:


I know this is an old post, just curious if anyone ever tried one of these one piece units. In theory it should work until the C pillar right? I was thinking of trying one and then make sail panels but I don’t want to throw away $400 if it isn’t even close.

Not aware of anyone that has tried it yet. Might need to take a gamble and be the first!

One thing for sure is it wont fit, I suspect everything will be too short from the quarter window back. So its going to come up short at the back glass area too.

These are ABS plastic covered in vinyl so maybe you could cut and section in extra material then have it recovered? but might just be too much work and shoddy results to even mess with.

I really do like these one piece headliners tho and wish they would make one for a cougar. The added head room is very nice and its just overall cleaner and should never have to deal with replacing the fabric one again.

Mustangs to Fear put an original style headliner in a 68 Cougar they built last year. You might contact him and ask if he tried the one piece.

Check the last post here:


Thanks for replies. I did contact them awhile back and they said they are not aware of anyone who has tried one nor do they have intentions to make one. With the mold they have created for the mustang it wouldn’t take much to modify it for the cougar market.

I realize there would be a gap past the quarter glass, but yes I thought about upholstery over top and making a filler piece to meet the rear glass. Maybe I’ll try it I don’t know, because I agree, I prefer a one piece headliner personally.

Here is a quote from that thread. Seems shipping is the potential killer of the cougar headliner

Posted May 8, 2019
I considered making a one piece headliner, but since it’s even longer than the 69-70 coupe Mustang, it would have to go truck freight. Shipping that way would kill all sales > :frowning: >