Heater Hose Routing - 1968 302 4V with AC

PO had bypassed the heater core and removed the water control valve because of a leaky core. I’ve replaced the core and valve and getting ready to install hoses, but I’m not sure how to plumb them. I’ve searched here and on-line and I’ve got the factory service manual, but I’m getting mixed messages. Can anyone tell me which hose goes to the pump and which one goes to the manifold? Maybe it doesn’t matter? Thanks in advance.

Your copy of the factory shop manual has a great image showing how the hoses route and where they go.

Hmm. Mine doesn’t have a diagram for an AC car. Non-AC only. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong section?


The hose from manifold goes to the valve and then to the left heater connection ( looking from the front of car) the pump hose goes over the manifold and at the back of the engine you will need the hose that has a S curve to connect to the right heater connection.

I took some pics here of how I routed mine (68 289 with AC). I also had a hard time finding good diagrams or pictures of how they go, so this was as good as I could figure out based on my research.

Thanks guys. That’s what I needed.