Heater Vacuum Diagram Inside

I found this while searching the World Wide Web for heater Hose diagrams.

I know I will need it for the heater core replacement because the 6 hoses have to come off to get the lower dash out.
and I’m betting there are problems with the Vacuum Motors,

Trying to give back a little instead of always taking.

That’s just what I needed to know. Now I can find where the defroster hose fell off. The fellow who inspected my vehicle stated that it fell off and had to be put back.

These are the kind of diagrams available in the Ford shop manuals. These look like the 69 and 70 versions

I have the 1968 manual. The schematic is there but not a physical picture.

Still it can’t be that different for a previous model year right? Wrong?

The doc’s are for a 1969. Sorry I didn’t mention it. as yo applicability to other years I don’t know, this is my first “mercury”. I’m used to ripping this stuff out of Japanese models to go racing, not putting them back together :mrgreen: