Hello Gents!

Yes, it appears they’ll let “anyone” in here. :smiley:

Thanks for letting me come and play in your sandbox. I’m glad to be able to join up here because I have a strong hunch my days at MCN will soon be numbered.

I recognize a lot of people and look forward to getting to know those who I don’t.

Thanks guys!

Welcome and its good to have you. I read in a post at mc.net that you have not been seen there in a while. I forget what the thread topic.

Bout dang time you showed up at the OTHER cool kids hangout…

Can’t imagine WHY you’d think your days are numbered over at mc dawt net, tho. You’ve a big fan following over there. New stalkers every day, it seems…LOL

Steve- can’t remember the thread, either, but it was that kid, Rookie, that was looking for him(Mark/LocalHero).

See what happens when you leave the door open LOL
Just a slight migration

Welcome aboard !

Yeah that’s who it was. Rookie. Mark you have a fan he said he has followed your post or something like that.

Yeah, he’s contacted me before. He seems to like the car a lot. Good kid. Seems to have his head on straight… for a 16 year old.

Seems to have a good foundation of knowledge, from what I’ve read of his posts…shrug.

WELL! There goes the neighborhood!

Welcome to the “quiet” board, Mark! The sandbox is pretty big, but we seem to all end up playing in the same corner at any given time.

Wife told me to ask if you had snow yet. Something about “This is why I live in the desert”. I think it has something to do with our getting ready for “riding season” while my brother-in-law’s wife is looking forward to keeping her horses all buttoned up in the barn for a long winter. I’m guessing The Hero is about to start his long hibernation period as well.

Hi Dawg! No snow yet. Actually looking at upper 70s and 80s and sun this weekend. Will get at least one of the cars out but maybe both or all three. I don’t usually “park” the stuff officially until right around Thanksgiving. I’ve even bought decorative pine roping for Christmas decorations in the Hero not too many years ago… the week before Christmas.

I think it warmer there than it is in Arizona today! We are having our first shot of cool air and it is nice.

Welcome indeed sir!

Hi Mark good to see you here! Bill has a nice forum here. And it’s nice to see more members join. Hope you have been well.


Thanks Glenn. I’m really just here for the beer.

Might as well call this forum Curb II

Beer, I missed it! Where’s it at? :slight_smile:

Hey Mark.
I’m gonna start spending more time over here.

Hey Z man, I want to see some pics of your '55. My family had a '55 that survived three kids learning how to shift gears. IT had the 232 cubic inch straight six, oil bath air cleaner, three on the tree, and over drive. It was indestructible.

Don’t have many pictures, as it has just been sitting in the garage.
Here is one of the 55, 86 F150 and 93 Explorer.