HELP - Heater hose routing for 351C without A/C

I’ve got a 70 Cougar with a 351C with auto and no A/C. The P.O. had the heater core blow and never replaced it. He cut the heater hose inside the engine compartment close to the firewall. Can someone help me with pics or a diagram of the correct heater hose routing for my setup? I can’t tell where it’s supposed to go. I’d also appreciate any advice or walk through on how to change the heater core. I’m at a great place to change it out since I’ve got the entire upper and lower dash assemblies out right now. Thanks in advance.

No one got a 70 351C that can help???

block nipple to the lower heater port, higher heater port is return to waterpump

That graphic is for a 302. On a Cleveland they run along the inner edge of the right hand valve cover. The factory used a metal tube for one of the lines that bolts to the valve cover. If I get a chance this evening I can take a picture of me 70 with a 351 4v for you. It is also the same basic routing on a 71 with a Cleveland but no tube was used.

Why was a metal tube used on just one of the lines and can you check and see which line that was please?

Originally Ford used a metal tube along the passenger side intake to head/valve cover edge as you have in your picture. Other year and engines used two tubes along the same surface.

They often rot out and I don’t think they are being reproduced. In the pictures I have the tube is connected to the lower attachment point at the front of the engine the other full length hose attaches to the water pump nearer the top of the engine. One that attaches to the metal tube appears to connect to the lower heater core nipple

Sure the assembly manual shows a diagram if you have a copy

Since you already have the upper and lower dash pieces out I imagine that you have the heater cables and all electrical connections removed on the dash side. While on the interior of the car look at where the heater box matches up to the underside of the cowl close to where the kick panel attaches. You will see an L shaped bracket and one bolt holding it up to the cowl. Now you will need to go under the hood for the rest. The heater box has studs on it that go through the firewall. You will need to remove those nuts. There should be some wiring going to the blower motor that needs to be disconnected. Be sure that the ends of the cut off heater hoses are free to pass through the firewall.

Once the heater box is out you will see that there are multiple spring clips that hold the 2 halves of the box together. Gently pry them off as too much pressure will cause breaks in the box. You can buy a complete new reproduction heater box seal kit, after close to 50 years it will need new seals. Be sure to check, or have someone check it for you, the new heater core for any leaks before you install it. Good luck.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Here are some pictures of my 351C 4V, it has AC. But the hoses run the same as a non AC car until they get to the back of the engine. I hope this will help you some.
Front section 351C 4V with AC

Mid section 351C 4V with AC

Note the hose is inserted in a clip on the choke housing, this is done on both 4V and 2V C and on the 70 351W 2V.
From the 70 Shop manaul for 351 4V

From the 70 Shop manaul for 302/351W 2V

From the 70 assemblie manaul for 351 4V

From the 70 assemblie manaul for 351 2V

Note, I have no idea as to why Ford used a metal tube. As for double tubes, I have only seen them on 1970 428CJs. But they may have been used on other engines too. WCCC has the reproduction 351 tube in there inventory.[/img]

Thank you so much to everyone for all the advice. Greatly appreciated.