Help identifying block

This is the date code on a 427 side oiler hydraulic lifter block I’m looking at buying.
It looks to be a 72 service block date coded to Jan 27th. What does the “W” above it denote? There are nose casting numbers on either side other than 12 DIF

And on the ends

Foundry mark? Winsor, Ontario Canada

I think the DIF means Dearborn Foundry

There were east and west casting lines at Dearborn. The W indicates the west line.

The date appears to be 9A so January of 1969. The I scratch mark on the rear face is consistent with 1969 . By 1972 the mark on the rear face was P .

Thanks Royce. I’m gonna squint and say I think I see an 8 instead of a 9J17 and say that makes it correct for my Feb 68 GT-E.
Supposedly it’s been properly preserved and on a shelf since the 70’s after having been pulled from a wreck.
Probably worth the risk.

I’m sure you’ll at least have it magnifluxed, but I would get it sonic checked as well.

Does it have the ribs on the passenger side of the block towards the back?

No. There arent any ribs on either side
But the possibility that those are 2 dots under first number made me think that 1st number could be a 2. Hence at 72 service block.

I thought the 2 dots went under a 9? To differentiate from a 6?

The ribbed passenger side of the block shows up in 1972 and is accompanied by the letter P on the rear face of the block.

Thank you Royce
Since I trust your expertise and opinions on FEs in general and implicitly as related to GT-Es, does it sound like to you that this is an early 69 service block and assuming no major issues, suitable for a non-concourse GT-E restoration?
The recently rebuilt (less than 1hr total run time on it) solid lifter 65 top oiler currently in my GT-E is not producing adequate oil pressure ( 30psi cold, dropping to 10 or lower at idle at temp).
Assuming the engine will probably need to come out to check for bearing clearances, I thought it prudent to try to source a hydraulic side-oiler for it. This one can probably be had for about $2k.

I would say it’s perfectly acceptable and at $2k priced very reasonably.

Sounds like a deal you better grab before the guy changes his mind. I would find a different machinist, the last guy didn’t do you any favors.