HELP!!! Looking for Cougar.

S.O.S Hey guys I missed out on a Cougar and am looking. I live in Belleville,Ontario. Canada. Any ideas where to look other than Autotrader? Is anyone looking to move one??? Thank you.

It would help us to help you if you posted what year, trim level, and condition of Cougar you want. It also helps to know your budget. Cougars come up for sale all the time.

There is a Cougars for Sale area here and, I believe, one on the CCOA website. You can also use resources like:
eBay Motors

You’ll probably get more hits from those than from AutoTraders.
Good Luck.

Thankfully found one. 1968 only with .302 but I’m an older Sunday Driver so that’s okay. Burgundy hard top but wow does the color ever pop in the sun. May go to competition orange someday?