help me pic a color

Well My winter project has turned into a spring project and now will probably run into next winter.

But things are moving forward and I am now close to painting the body.
I know color is a matter of opinion and preference but I am soooo torn that I am asking for all of you to help me decide on a color for my cougar.
I will either stay with the green that I have had it for 20 years or change it to a Red or Wine color.
here is a pic of my cougar last year before I started on it and the color I am considering sticking with.

This is John’s cougar and a color I am considering switching to. or possibly a little more red than that I am not sure.
maybe color.jpg
All opinions are welcome.

Oh,And here is what it looks like as of this week.
cougar in primer.jpg

I think interior has a lot to do with color choice. I’ve always liked the green / tan look but I also liked the black cherry on the Cougar.

Augusta Green. End of discussion.

x2 for Augusta Green; there are plenty of red ones out there already.

I also like the various shades of blue. B3Cat was just painted Madras Blue (sort of an aqua) and there’s always Wellington (dark) Blue. Both could look good with the Saddle interior.

I think Agusta green is a great color choice. That’s what I would pick if it were mine. Now if you’re looking for a color change with your interior I’d go with Nordic Blue. Here are some pictures of a GT-E but it will give you a idea.


Cobalt Kandy blue from HOK…would look KILLER with the saddle interior.

Otherwise, the green looks great, as would a wine(HOK Brandywine Kandy…:poke:…)

I like it as is, nice green color combo with tan interior.
But if I were you and wished to make a change, then I would consider a brown like this…

I’d stick with the green but since it’s a 67, I would use the correct Inverness Green rather than Augusta Green which was a 68 color. They are close but not the same color.

Black looks really good with your interior also.

IMHO I would stick with the stock color and interior

Well Green is winning so far.
My wife really wants it red.
And I like red also, but the cougar is not a body style that looks great in any color IMO. This car was originally Dark Green but not the shade it is in the picture, and in the picture I had painted the chrome and stainless steel Charcoal Gray, and that will not be how it is this time.

I have a 68 xr7 that I plan on doing next, but I plan on doing it in dark metallic gray.

Well that changes everything. If the wife wants red you need to go red. If the wife is happy then everyone is happy. :laughing:
On a serious note why not get sample cards sprayed in your color choices. Seeing a large sample might make your choice easier.

That Dark Blue is Wellington Blue, Not Nordic.

I agree. I would keep it the original color even though I do love the look of a Black Cherry Cougar


I change my vote to DEFINITELY change it to RED!

When it comes to the time for you to choose what type of red color Your wife wants, then go to a bodyshop, and see the colors from chips/testplates outside in normal daylight, that will give you the real color, looking at colors from Pictures/computers, and inside in various lightning, will distort the color, if you see a color you lie on the computer, it might not look what you are thinking in real life, a Bright red on photo may be dark red/maroon in real life