Help selecting wheel and tire size, std 67 Cougar

Help selecting tire and wheel size. Std 67
I want to order my wheels and tires…finally. I would like a tire size around 245/45. I also want to go with 17" wheels. I was thinking 17x8 all around with 245/45.

Is 245 too narrow for the back?
Is 245 wide for front?
Is an 8" wheel the right width for a 245?

I want a “wide” look, especially in back, with no rubbing worries.

Going with a torque thrust style wheel. 1967 standard Cougar. Standard suspension with 68 power disc brakes. Standard body, etc.


This topic might help answer some of your questions. Welcome to the CCC.

show us your wheels

Thanks, great thread…until someone derailed it half way through LOL

I have been researching for a few months…so many possibilities.
The wheels I am interested in come (as a standard) in 17x8 with 4.5" back spacing or 17x9 with 5". Anyone run these sizes? Looks like a few run the 17x8 with 245 no problem. All four corners or How about 17x8 front And the 17x9 on the rear? 245/45 front 255/45 rear?