Help with 68 GT 390 fuel pump to carb. fuel line routing

Does anyway have a picture of how the fuel line should be routed using the original Carter 4194S fuel pump and the correct Holley 600 CFM carb for a 68 GT 390? I can’t seem to a picture for the GT 390 however many pictures available for a regular FE 390. If I remember correct, the line goes between the coil and distributor.

I have a reproduction MUC1015-SC (stainless steel version made by Classic Tubing) fuel line and it doesn’t seem correct. I know there is a rubber gas hose that connects the upper end of the metal line to the fuel filter at the carburetor but not sure how long this rubber gas hose is. 3 inches? 4 Inches?


I see in your signature you have AC & power steering. Your line will be the same as my 68 XR7 G. Yes, it runs between the coil and dist and closer to the dist than the coil. In the before restoration picture the previous owner had issues with the original Holley and installed an Autolite carb and moved the line to the wrong side of the dist so it would reach. On AC engine it’s over the fuel pump but on non AC engines I usually see it run more in front over the diaphragm part of the pump. I don’t know what the exact length of the rubber hose is to the filter or if it really matters. As long as your around the 3 to 4" range.

Here is a 428 CJ non AC and non power steering.

Make sure the fuel line is not touching the back of the AC compressor. The hot compressor will vaporize your fuel.

Thanks to everyone for the pictures This helps as the motor was pulled out 3 years ago for rebuild and I thought it would be easy to remember how to install the fuel line but with power steering and A/C the new line may need to be bent slightly to clear the compressor.