Help with alternator and thermactor brackets

I have a 1970 Cougar Eliminator, 428/4-speed and I’m putting it back together. Issue is that someone else took it apart. Is there a detail drawing or view of the alternator and thermactor brackets and bolts available?


Here’s 2 shots

of my 70. If you want others let me know. I’ll point the camera better!

Thanks! Can you get a view of the alternator brackets and thermactor brackets front on? Or direct me to an assembly diagram in one of the Ford books?
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This is an image from the 1968 shop manual showing the 427 engine. Your 1970 428CJ is very similar in terms of bracketry and mounting of components. Maybe try the 1970 shop manual?

Does this Help?
Accessory Drive Belts | Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry

Thanks, helps a lot. It appears that the lower slotted bracket mounts to the water pump on top of the alternator bracket proper. That is how I have it installed now.


That’s correct.

Here is where I am now. Step by step…


Looks like a non - air car. Different pulleys and belts. The smog pump adjuster bracket doesn’t look right.

I see what you mean. I have it mounted in the wrong place.

Now it is simply missing a bolt or it would be mounted also.


The smog pump adjuster bracket needs a 1/8" spacer behind it in non - AC cars.

Thank you!!!


Chuck, my brother has the 69 eliminator version of that car. If you have a facebook page send me a link to that and I will try and put you in touch with him. email to and I am more likely to see the message.

I am at charles.young.125 on Facebook. The other 124 charles.youngs are all imposters,