Help with Front Grille

I need some help with the front grill on my 1969. I removed and repainted the grill which took much longer than I thought and I forgot how to reinstall the large springs for the light covers. Since they can go on two ways there is a 100% chance I will get it wrong. I would appreciate it if anyone with a 69 or 70 would tell me if the spring is installed correctly. Thanks.

The spring is wound C/W and hooks over the top,

It is designed so if the vacuum system fails the spring will hold the cover-door open. So you won’t get stuck at night like 67 and 68’s

Thanks to both of you for your help. It looks like I might have it on correctly.

A final note. The spring in the picture is on backwards. The tang should be on the other side of the stop.
I repainted the grill with the SEM trim paint that was recommended by others in the forum and am not that happy with the result. The dried paint is very soft and scratches off easily. Looks nice but it may not last long.

Can someone suggest a better paint?

I used SEM trim black. I have had no issues with the paint peeling or scratching off. I used SEM’s self-etching primer prior to the trim black. Did you use primer first?


Krylon Satin Black. Paint on my grille has held up well for over 30 years.