Help With ID

I have what I’m fairly certain is the alternator harness that came off my XR7 GT-E. The issue is it does not match the one listed by WCCC. It does match the Standard harness they show. I want to be sure I get this right.

I went through the same ordeal withe Don’s site when I did a deep dive into this issue. This is the one you want. Sorry Don…|Year%3A1968|Model%3ACougar&hash=item3b1eeb58d4:g:i4YAAOSw2opbujsK

So it looks like they are correct and I’m wrong. I guess I get to keep searching through the garage and see if I can find it. I sure wish dad was still around, he knew where all this shit was.

Looks correct for a 68 with an alternator light.

Small victory. But take em when you can right?

That one looks correct for a car with an AMP gage.