Help with tilt away

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Did research here and trying to confirm. This is for a 1969 Shelby GT350. Here is a picture of the worn vacuum can under my battery tray. Everything I have read says 1969 is single nipple can but this one is two. There also is only one vacuum line going to it that I can trace.

Your expertise is appreciated. I want to get this working again. I have had the car for 28 years and it has never worked.

Don, if you are reading this can I speak with someone from your shop that can consult with me about parts/rebuilds I will need to do to get this working?
I am speaking about the tilt away system - not just this can.

Thanks !


We are open! That is an AC can as seen here.

Here is what you should have found.

Used example for the purist…

Thanks Don -
But I am confused. I am sure there was not a difference between the mustangs and the cougars. All the mustang suppliers talk about double nipple cans for 69’s and single nipple for 67 and 68. I believe your shop to be the global experts. I just want to get the right thing for my 69 GT350

Hi, Don’t know if this will help you or not. On my 1969 Cougar XR7, I have max vacuum options. Tilt Wheel, Speed Control, AC, Power Brakes.
My car came with the standard 2 port canister, located under the passenger side fender behind the hood hinge and the single port canister
located under the battery tray on the passenger side. As far as I know, the single port canister is the one called out for the '67/'68 model year.
I know, it is confusing to figure out. Good Luck.

No, the 67 - 68 canister is dual port like Don says.

the single port was used for the tilt wheel on the '67

With the experts so close, I’m throwing my tilt wheel story out there. Mine hasn’t swung away for at least 34 years! Here’s the rub. The car wouldn’t start, and I guess someone (who did a lot of things ), bypassed a relay to start it. Electrical is on the list after mechanical. Tranny overall next. Would appreciate some help with that, and no interior lights. This J code XR7-G had a hard 15 years in California sun. The dash pad is done, if it ever needs another, it won’t be me doing it! Thanks to any and all.