I jacked up the front of my car put stands under driver and passenger side rails let the jack down and the whole front end dropped way down. I did this to install an export brace since it had no brace at all. I mounted the brace to the cowl then i used a wood block in the shock hole and a pry bar to get one side on at a time. It worked but after i took the stands and jack out im left with gaps it pryed driver side apron away from cowl and the passenger one was rusty so it broke in half. Any ideas what happened and how to fix? Before all of this the fenders were starting to touch the front of the doors…i was told i could adjust the doors forward and the fenders back because there assuming the previous owner did just the opposite to hide issues to sell.

A couple people responded to your first post about this

Ok thank you i couldnt find it before

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