Her First Car Show (in Ohio)

Finally got the old Girl Fixed up and Polished enough to take out to the Vance Outdoors Car Show in Obetz, OH with Proceeds going to Honor Flight.
My Mother-in-Law, former Marine was included on a Honor Flight back in 2015. Worthy Cause IMHO

My Car on the Grass (only Cougar in the Show)

A Nice Mercury Cyclone Vert

a Very Clean T-Bird Vert.

What’s a Car Show without a Mustang (at least 10 of them) this one was very nice.

1970 Torino 429 Super Cobra Jet. writeup said 1 of 2 that year… No Marti. that said it’s a nice restoration.

I love the Torino. My first two cars were '71 Torinos, the second a Cobra with a 429CJ. They’re getting harder to find than Cougars. Yours looks great, BTW! Hoping my project (68 XR-7) is ready by next summer.

Congrats on your first car show Mike :smiley:. Isn’t that an “Elite” Marti report on the display stand on the left side in front of the Blue SCJ Torino?

Thanks for posting the pics!

  • Phillip

You know, I was so engrossed in checking out the car and the Plaque in the engine compartment, I completely missed the Gallery Stand. I bet it is the Marti. This is what I was looking at.

Is that at Rickenbacker AIR BASE?

No, its Vance Outdoors on Alum Creek road in Obetz (suburb of Columbus)

That write-up explaining the Marti stuff is a word salad. Car should stand on its own without that puffery–special-order color SCJ is enough, no?