Here's the underside of my '67. Jack points?

I’m super afraid of putting the jack in the wrong place! Please explain to me like a five year old :blush: , or better yet, X marks the spot!

Using a Durlast 2 1/2 ton hydraulic trolley jack. I’m also concerned about where the jack meets the car - is there anything like an attachment to cushion it? Thanks!

Under the frame rail in your 2nd picture. Don’t put it on the rocker (under the door or fender).

Thanks Al Bundy :slight_smile: !

To clarify, under and contacting that rail? (I mean yeah it seems obvious but who knows…)
How far back from the beginning of that rail?

Again, thanks!

These images and diagrams might be helpful - from a 1967 Mustang ( downloaded / copied from )

When using a Floor jack use gah’s diagram, if using the factory scissors jack use the points on the pinch weld that the top of the jack fits in