Hers and his

She drives the Stang, 331 stroker, C-4, Currie 8" 3.55posi, mine “the beast”. 460/C-4/ Currie 9" 3.50 posi.
Both have heavy duty suspensions with frame connectors, and SSBC disc front brake systems.

Bench Seats.jpg

They are a couple nice looking toys. And it looks like you are not afraid to take on tough projects.

The Stang was a 6 cyl, 3 spd. The Cougar was a 302. I’ve done 2 351W Mav swaps and picking up a 72 Comet tomorrow. Built a “homegrown” Boss 302/AOD/8" 4.10 posi 72 Mav with a Torino Cobra shaken on it. Ford should have done that. Did a 82 Zephyr and put a 460/C-6/9" in it. It was a screamer. I don’t mind doing a standard restro, just always thought Ford/Mercury should have done much more with what they had.